Breakout Ride
The Midwest Break-Out Ride was CREATED & FOUNDED in 2006 by two
men with the same passion for riding on two wheels as well as giving
back to the community.  These two men came together, to call out all
riders who claimed to be "TRUE" riders to come together as one from
the Midwest area to ride as one for a charitable cause.  Big Tay, Founder
of Down2Ride MC and Krome Founder of Made Men MCC, put their heads
together to come up with this annual event for all riders, young and old,
two wheels, to unite together as one to ride across the Midwest area to
event was created by these two men who wanted to come together for a
charitable cause and to ride.  This ANNUAL event was put together not
only for clubs rocking "MC" to prove that they ride, but also to show the
community that bikers can come together as one to do something
positive in, with & for the community.  This event has grown each year
from the start & we wish for continued success throughout the years to

The LEGACY was started in 2006, but we plan to keep the legacy going

Special Thanks to Dirty Redd Founder of Incredibles MC for joining the
Break-Out Ride in 2007 to help continue the legacy.  Special Thanks to
our belated "T" Founder of 4 Horsemen MC, who will continue to be here
with us in spirit & NEVER be forgotten!!  Also, Thanks to Tic Tac of 317
Ryders MC for stepping up to the plate (at the last minute) in 2010, to
polish up things to make this event happen!!!

One Love,


*Special Thanks to all the clubs that have participated from day one in
helping to make this Annual event safe and successful!!!!*
Street Ryders MC
4 Horsemen MC
Incredibles MC
317 Ryders MC
KY Hypnotic MC
Lexington Barrons MC
Down2Ride MC
Ground Breakers MC
Made Men MCC
Heavy Hitters$ MC
Toros MC-Columbus, OH
Riders 4 Life MC